At his first tomato harvest, he said, “Look! All the tomatoes have been picked. They all grew up and went to our stomachs. That is the rule of tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes have rules, and I will tell you all the rules you need to know for school and having fun and staying alive. Have all the experience you can. Experience is wonderful. It teaches you how to recognize all your mistakes so that, when you make then over and over again, you know what you’re doing. And don’t be discouraged by fat books! In every fat one, there is a thin one trying to get out. And don’t put grease on your hair the night before you’re going to have a big test, because everything might slip your mind. Always remember that a closed mouth gathers no feet, and never get into fights with kids who have ugly faced because they have nothing to lose. And never, no matter what, play leapfrog with a unicorn.”
‘Nonno Frankie’ - Paul Zindel 1993





  • Draco has the ability to challenge Hermione and vise versa, which is quite a rare trait for both of them. They are both such strong characters that they need that sort of balance in their lives. Draco has always been the bully…

I do ship Ronmione but I do ship Dramione. Ugh. Torn between two shipment. If only we could combine both boys…